Students from the Veterinarian Technician program now have a chance to get numerous hours of hands-on
    experience by the partnership. First year students play a vital role in daily operations. Second year
    students get a wide variety of experiences that deal more with the clinical component of the Humane
    Society. Students in the program learn the knowledge and skills necessary to become Veterinary
    Technicians working with veterinarians. and the Marion County Humane Society plays a vital role in
    fostering an atmosphere of success giving students an opportunity for hands-on experience.

NOVELIS CORPORATION: Cans for Critters Recycling Program

    Novelis Corporation on Speedway Avenue in Fairmont has offered to match our can recycling program.
    Please take all your aluminum recycling to Northern Mountain State Metals on Speedway Ave or
    Morgantown Ave. Mention Marion County Humane Society and they will credit our account with your
    recycling dollars. We will in turn use this money to purchase dog and cat food, medical supplies, flea and
    tick treatments, cleaning supplies, and etc. Please be environmentally friendly and help us care for our furry
    four-legged friends. Reduce, reuse, recycle, rehome ! We are also asking for community groups to
    consider taking on a recycling project to enhance our recycling program. Please call the shelter 304-366-
    5391 for more information on how you can help us help the critters.