Are you interested in making a difference in Marion
County?  One of the best places to volunteer is right
here at the Marion County Humane Society!  There are
numerous rewarding ways you can help, such as:
walking dogs at the shelter, interacting with the cats,
answering calls, stuffing envelopes, or becoming
involved with one of our programs or fund raising
efforts.  You can make a difference in the lives of
animals with minimal commitment.  We work around
your schedule.  Please consider taking the first step by
downloading the volunteer form:  

For More information on getting involved, call

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Becoming a foster parent for a homeless critter
at the Marion County Humane Society is one of
the most important ways you can help the
animals in Marion County. Our foster parents
provide love, care and attention to the animals
that need to spend some time in the comfort of a
home environment. The length of commitment
varies; some animals only require a few weeks,
some require a few months but all pets need
human interaction and socialization.

For More information on getting involved, call
Download Adoption Application
We do not sell or use your personal
information for any other purposes.